Debunking Coupon Myths


Debunking Coupon Myths: MYTH: Stores Lose Money when you use a coupon FACT: Retailers do not lose any money when someone uses a coupon.  As long as the retailer submits the coupon for reimbursement, they will get back the face value of the coupon PLUS a handling fee per coupon.In addition to this, the store [...]

Understanding Coupon Lingo


Some common lingo that is used in the coupon world, that you may not understand at first glance. Here’s a  common list of shortened abbreviations you may or may not be familiar with: B1G1 or BOGO  Both mean Buy one get one : Found usually on Coupon flyer matchups B2G1 = Means Buy 2 Get [...]

Why you should use coupons


Coupons Saves Money! and once you learn how to use them correctly they can save you hundreds and even perhaps a few thousands per year. Coupons seem to bring out the Saver in you – and you will always want a deal. You will learn to buy products at the lowest price, and multiple buy [...]

What to look for in a Coupon


What to look for in a Coupon A Coupon always has a picture, but sometimes the wording is different than the picture.  A lot  of companies will put their newest product on the coupon, and yet have the words  Buy any X brand and save $1.00 . This means you don’t need to buy the [...]

What is a Coupon


What is a Coupon? A Coupon is a percentage off or specific amount off an item or purchase.  It is to be treated as cash. Whom can use a coupon? Anyone can use coupon. Do only poor people use coupons? No Lots of people that are not poor use coupons, anyone wanting to cut down on [...]