Coupons at Checkout & Cashiers.


The Process at the store and Checkout!   Once you get to the till - I personally put each coupon I am using on top of each product.  This way the cashier has a chance to inspect the coupon with each product. However some stores simply want the coupons at the end of the transaction . [...]



      StockPiling Groceries First I want to say “ You don’t have to Stock Pile” and You certainly do not need a room or wall to do it anyhow. It’s fun to be able to do, and have everything in one place, but it not a necessity to saving money. Before you Begin [...]

Knowing The Best Price


The best way to save money with coupons, is to get to know your prices for the items you buy. If you’ve never started before. Simply start keeping your grocery receipts, and marking them down the items,  then watch for your flyers, and see if you find a better price then you’ve already paid. Start [...]

How to Organize your coupon Binder


Organizing Your coupons This is where the fun begins.  There are so many ways to organize your coupons, and at the end of the day, it depends on your habits, and what system will work best for you.   The Envelope system/ziploc bag method: When first starting out, you may try this method, Simply mark [...]

How to Price Match


How to Price Match with Coupons   If you want to save yourself time, by not shopping at every store , you can price match at certain stores. Walmart, No Frills, Real Canadian Super Store, Giant Tiger, Canadian Tire, are a few that will Price Match, according to their flyers. An easy way to know [...]