Getting Your Coupons Organized


Highlight your coupons to make it easier for the cashier Some coupons have a not so easy to find expiry date, and the words are tight and tiny, for these coupons, consider highlighting to make your life easier at the till, and to help your cashier quickly process your coupons, this is a good way to [...]

History of Coupons


Where Couponing Began: Couponing has been around since 1887, even though since the show Extreme Couponing that came out with the pilot on December 29th  2010, many people don’t realize how long coupons have been available. The History of Coupons: In 1887, the Coca-Cola Company was incorporated in Atlanta with Asa Candler as one of [...]

Learn How to Coupon in Canada


  This Site is devoted to simply teach you how to coupon in Canada. Here’s the Table of Contents for you to search through. 1. History of coupons 2. What is a coupon? 3. What to look for in a Coupon Finding Coupons In Magazines