Coupon Etiquette


1.  Use the coupon for the correct item! Many times I’ve seen people on forums and blogs stating that they got away with using a coupon on the wrong item. Sometimes it happens innocently, but sometimes it’s just plain theft. Yes you may get away with it, but that does not make it right. That’s [...]

How to Price Match


How to Price Match with Coupons   If you want to save yourself time, by not shopping at every store , you can price match at certain stores. Walmart, No Frills, Real Canadian Super Store, Giant Tiger, Canadian Tire, are a few that will Price Match, according to their flyers. An easy way to know [...]

Coupon Matching in Flyers


Using Coupons in combination with sales will save you 35% on average. Sometimes  you can manage to save 50% depending on what items you are price matching and how many stores you price match to. I’m going to show you how to coupon match for yourself. Using coupons with flyers is a great way to [...]

Using Words of Coupons

coupon1 - Copy

  One Coupon per purchase:  One coupon per purchase: Means one coupon per item.  Once in awhile you’ll get a cashier stumped on the wording, and may deny you to purchase 6 items with 6 coupons, but in my history of coupon usage, I will simply explain the two differences and they will allow me, [...]