How to Get Multiple Coupons


  There are lots of ways of getting multiple coupons, we’ll talk about the free ways first, and then move on to paying for coupons.   By trading or joining coupon trains: There are lots of trading coupons forums, and coupons trains out there between facebook, and message boards, and there are also sites devoted [...]

Product Coupons


Find Coupons on the Products you already purchase Sometimes you can find coupons on products: Watch for Special promotions on the outside of box’s, but sometimes companies put in coupons inside products with nothing on the outside of the box. Cereal Box’s are a very common item to find Special Freebies to order in with [...]

Store Specific Coupons


  Store Specific coupons can be found in store flyers, ( sometimes online ) Or You can find them at the front of the store such as Real Canadian Superstore and other Loblaw stores. Store Coupons found online: You may need to join mailing lists in order to get notifications of them having new coupons [...]

Tear Pad Coupons Where to Find them


  Tearpad Coupons can be found at your local grocery stores. Due to coupon abuse, tearpads are becoming harder to find.  Many people are taking more tearpads then they should be. An average coupon tearpad is 50 coupons, some coupon displays can hold up to 200 coupons. With people taking 10 more tearpads a person, [...]

Mailed Coupons – Where to Order coupons from

mailed-coupons has been around online since the year 2000 but they’ve been in business for since the late 1980’s doing coupons booklets in your mailbox.  And in the 1990’s they began putting coupons in your newspapers and magazines. Then got online in 2000 and began letting Canadians to order coupons and have them mailed to [...]

How to Ask Companies for Coupons


You can sometimes request coupons from Companies. You can either choose to give them call by phoning their 1-800 number on their product,  or you can do a search online for the  company name,  and find the “contact us” link or email address. What to say in email? I usually will type something out similar [...]

Printable Coupons


Not all stores accept Printed coupons, but since 2011, many stores are now on board with them, and realize that this is the new reality of cost efficiency for companies to deliver coupons to their customers. Some of the Larger Printable Coupon Websites are the following: Healthy Solutions: You’ll find an assortment of Health Care [...]

Newspaper Insert Coupons


Insert Coupons Currently in Canada: We have three  inserts that will arrive in City Newspapers across Canada: SmartSource and Redplum, and there is also a Special PG Brandsaver Insert  ( Published Every 3-4 months) .   They come in forms of insert coupons They can be found on the following page for dates of when you [...]

Magazine Coupons


The oldest method of finding coupons is in Newspapers, or in Magazines: These have been around for decades, and you may have simply not noticed them, but once you’re aware when or where to look, you’ll be able to spot them. There’s a few magazines you can get for free by registering online that usually [...]