Coupon Etiquette


1.  Use the coupon for the correct item!

Many times I’ve seen people on forums and blogs stating that they got away with using a coupon on the wrong item. Sometimes it happens innocently, but sometimes it’s just plain theft. Yes you may get away with it, but that does not make it right. That’s not what the coupon was intended for and let’s face it, companies don’t have to send out coupons at all and stores don’t have to accept them. The more coupon fraud there is the more likely companies will start putting more restrictive words on coupons, and more stores will begin making couponing harder to do.


2. Verify your coupons

You will find coupons online that have been altered, or perhaps not meant for general public.

Example: Multibionta vitamins. There is an older $10.00 off printable coupon that floated around for over a year , even though Multibionta has contacted every blog and forum to have it removed,  It still existed until the expiry date. Many stores are no longer accepting this coupon and some cashiers just don’t know better, but the company is NOT reimbursing stores for this coupon because they’ve emailed and mailed stores saying they are no longer reimbursing stores for this coupon: Coupon Fraud.

3. Do not alter a coupon!

Sometimes Blogs/or other people will save the printable coupon as a .PDF file so it can be used time and time again. This makes me nervous as the company no longer has control on how many times it’s to be used. Hence like the Multibionta Vitamins example as mentioned above, This is how it gets out of control.

4. Do not Photocopy Coupons:

Always print your coupons from their original source.  Smartsource coupons only allow two print outs per computer.  Each print puts out a different code of numbers.  If you want more coupons, use a different computer. But do not resort to photocopying coupons as  you need different numbers on these coupons.

5. Do not just take someone else’s word for it!

I know this one sounds crazy coming from a website, but please do not just take the blogs word for deals at stores. Bloggers are human and can be wrong or certain deals may work in their store but not in yours.  Sometimes sizes are wrong and  unnoticed, or perhaps many assume a particular product will also be on sale since it’s closely related product is. An Example being Kelloggs cereal Mini Wheats – there is a coupon for Little Bites Mini Wheats, and you go to your store, and they don’t have it on sale. Each deal can vary! So Never take anyone’s word for it.  Do the legwork yourself.


6. Don’t be a Shelf Cleaner:

I do not like going into a store on first or second day of a sale and having all the sale items vanished. This is starting to be frustrating for all couponers. It’s ok to buy a few or stock up a bit, But it’s not right to wipe out the entire shelf before anyone gets an opportunity to buy any.  Many stores will do a Rain Check, so if you want to buy 24 of an item, perhaps talk to a store clerk and ask to have a Rain Check on the item before shelf clearing. This way you can leave the deals for people who want a few and you’re still getting the bargains.