Coupons at Checkout & Cashiers.


The Process at the store and Checkout!


Once you get to the till - I personally put each coupon I am using on top of each product.  This way the cashier has a chance to inspect the coupon with each product. However some stores simply want the coupons at the end of the transaction . Do be afraid to ask ahead if unsure.

Separate your Items

If you have several items  Some with coupons and some not, separate them into groups.  I personally will do the larger of the two groups first to be put up.  So if my group is higher with coupons, I will put them up on the counter first and watch them be put through and then put all my other items up and watch.  Or you can save your coupon items until last.

Common Issues at Checkout

New cashiers not understanding coupons -  You will run into it as some point  ”One coupon per purchase.” Many less experienced cashiers get stuck on the wording, and think you can only buy one item with having a coupon .

Example 6 VH Steamers with 6 $1.00 off coupons .

  • You may need to demonstrate - One item is a purchase, and that your whole order is a transaction.
  • If that does not help clear up the situation – Simply ask them to ask someone for confirmation.
  • Make sure your coupon does state one coupon per purchase, before discussion.


Using Coupons with higher value than product

Once in awhile you will find clearance items, for lesser value than your coupon.  And sometimes this confuses the cashier.

The only store chain that will give you an override for cash back, or for the difference to be put towards other items you have with you is Walmart Canada.

But many times you will find these clearance deals at Shoppers Drug Mart or other grocery stores, when that happens, here’s how to handle it.

How to Handle Price Issue

Example: Coupon in hand is $5.00 off Tylenol . Tylenol is on clearance or sale for $4.00

Some cashiers will tell you that you can’t use the coupon because the product is less than the coupon.

You will need to tell them:  To ring in the coupon for $4.00 value  and that the store will be reimbursed for $5.00 when they mail out the redemption + handling fee.  So the store in the long run is going to make more money by accepting the coupon and only ringing it in for $4.00 as now they’ll be getting $5.00 and most likely another few cents for handling the coupon.

If there is still an issue ask them to call to someone to double check .

Understanding the Customer is not always right:

When it comes to coupons, the customer is not always right.

The coupon wording will always take precedence over your thoughts or the cashiers.

Understanding Store Policies

Store Policies: Most chains do have a coupon policy, but it’s becoming more common that some stores are not accepting certain types of coupon for they have experienced fraud at some point, and some stores chains are allowing store managers to have the final say on coupon redemption.

Ask for the Manager

You can always ask to speak with the manager, but if they deny your coupon  and give you a reason why; you should accept it for the time being. If you still believe you are right, and the store is wrong, you can always Call their head office and tell them of your situation and thoughts.

Choosing the Best Store to deal with

Other Stores: Some stores are easier than others to deal with regards to couponing, as some managers are a lot more in-tuned with coupons, and the acceptable wording. You can always choose to shop elsewhere.

If the product you’re using was in the flyer at a set price, feel free to take to another store that Price Matches.  eg. Walmart as well as  many Loblaws stores do price match.

Finding a Good Cashier

I’m finding most cashiers are good when it comes to coupons, I haven’t had a problem in a long time.

Some people believe that younger cashiers are better, since they don’t discriminate against coupon usage, or are less likely to check your coupon with a fine tooth comb.  You just have to remember that it’s the Cashiers job to check out your coupons/ products match, as it’s their job on the line.

Be Friendly

Always be Friendly:  Even if you disagree with the cashier about refusing a coupon, always be friendly smile and be courteous with them.   As the old saying goes “ You attract more bees with honey than vinegar”