Debunking Coupon Myths


Debunking Coupon Myths:

MYTH: Stores Lose Money when you use a coupon

FACT: Retailers do not lose any money when someone uses a coupon.  As long as the retailer submits the coupon for reimbursement, they will get back the face value of the coupon PLUS a handling fee per coupon.In addition to this, the store has also generated a sale they may have otherwise have lost.  The only way a retailer may lose money is from the use of fraudulent coupons.


MYTH: Clipping Coupons is Time Consuming

FACT: No, Maybe about 20 minutes per week, and about an hour organizing your stockpile once a month. Here at Canadian Free we make it easy for you to find coupons, and we even give you all the matchups on a weekly basis, so most of the legwork every week is already done for you.


MYTH: I can’t find Coupons for the Products I Use

FACT:  Chances are pretty good that you can find coupons for many items you regularly use, such as: toilet paper, deodorant, toothpaste, cereal, laundry detergent, canned food, and much more.


MYTH: You’ll buy things with Coupons you wouldn’t buy otherwise.

Perhaps true only if you let it happen.  Your focus should be on getting those items that you regularly buy for less.  But coupons do allow you to try new products and new brands.  It’s up to you how you decide to spend your hard earned money.

MYTH:  I can save more money by buying generic brands.

FACT:  Sometimes it is true it all depends on the item, but sometimes generic brands are almost as expensive as other Well known brands.  Example: Margarine –  Many times generic is way cheaper than top brand name such as Becel.  But other items such as pasta, with the right sale and coupon match up you can almost get your pasta for FREE.  This is why its so important to know your shopping habits and start your own price book, so you can compare your shopping habits and save on your grocery bill at the end of the week/month.