Getting Your Coupons Organized


Highlight your coupons to make it easier for the cashier

Some coupons have a not so easy to find expiry date, and the words are tight and tiny, for these coupons, consider highlighting to make your life easier at the till, and to help your cashier quickly process your coupons, this is a good way to help, with some of these pesky coupons.

Get into a Routine Quickly:

Make a Routine: Set up time aside weekly: Go through your flyers and decide where you want to shop, get your price matching flyers in order, and then take out the coupons you plan to use ( either put them in a separate them in an envelope, or put them in the front of your binder)  Also make a shopping list of what other items you want to pick up.

Take Your Coupons with you:

Always take your All of your coupons with you:   It might be daunting to take in your coupon binder in with you while shopping. I have a special bag for my binder. It’s just a beach bag that is light green, and that’s what binder hides in.   Lots of times stores have unadvertised deals, perhaps they bought too much, or manufacturing has changed labels etc, and things are marked down to clearance sale, and if you don’t have your binder with you ( at least in the car) you’ll miss out on these deals.   The best deals you’ll find are the un- advertised ones .