How to Organize your coupon Binder


Organizing Your coupons

This is where the fun begins.  There are so many ways to organize your coupons, and at the end of the day, it depends on your habits, and what system will work best for you.


The Envelope system/ziploc bag method:

When first starting out, you may try this method, Simply mark each envelope with the type of coupons: Grocery, Cleaning, Baby, Pet.

This system works great until you get too many coupons per envelope, and it may drive you crazy.

Business Card Holder

Another Idea for starting out: One of my girlfriends used a business card holder  with the nice leather flap on the outside. Which also works great if you don’t have too many coupons.

Mini Accordion file folders

Mini Accordian file folders to fit in your purse.  These can be found in your local dollar stores for $5.00 and have helped many stay organized with coupons.

The Coupon Binder

Next Upgrade, or perhaps the most talked about is having a coupon binder.  How to organize it will be up to you. but some tools of the trade are the following

  1. Zipper Binder

  2. Calculator

  3. scissors

  4. Dividers

  5. Baseball card holders

  6. Picture holders

  7. Title Page Covers

  8. Folders with holes


Organizing your coupons into sections, is up to you. Depending on your time and your need to be organized, You may want to separate your coupons by categories:

Baby Beauty,Cleaning, Health, Pet, You may even decide to subcategory them to laundry, baby diapers, cold flue, dog, cat, etc depending on your coupon collection.

Some people are Organized obsessed, and will also put in their coupons according to expiry dates, or by alphabetical order.


Put your coupons in your system right away. Leaving them in your to do pile of paperwork, will only upset you when you find it and realize some of your coupons have expired.


Print coupons right away when they are released on facebook, or other ones that come available, due to the fact, they may take down the offer sooner than you get a chance to. If you don’t want to print every day, Another good Idea is to bookmark the coupons you want to print in your bookmarks, and then print once a week.