Knowing The Best Price


The best way to save money with coupons, is to get to know your prices for the items you buy. If you’ve never started before. Simply start keeping your grocery receipts, and marking them down the items,  then watch for your flyers, and see if you find a better price then you’ve already paid.

Start with the Basics

A good place to start is with the basics: Milk/Bread//Butter/ Eggs

For me since these are things, I tend to run to the store ( just for) I know for my location Shoppers Drug Mart has the lowest ( everyday price) on these items ( except for bread)  Your location may be different.

Then move to your favorite items

Then move on to something else:  It might be your favorite shampoo Lets say Herbal Essences: you see it on sale for $2.49 marked down from $2.99. a fifty cents savings not to bad, Good if you’re in a pinch, but then a few weeks later you see it advertised for $1.99  Now’s the time to buy 3 or 4, to at least ride you over till the next sales cycle where you grab another few bottles for $1.99 .  Now you add your $0.50 coupon ( that is quite often available on brandsaver) and you can scoop the shampoo for $1.49 ( that’s now a 50% savings)

Take Your Time

It takes months to get to know your pricing: your not going to be able to memorize or write down every item possible on a weekly basis.  Just give yourself time, and allow yourself to make mistakes.

Don’t be fooled by advertising

Don’t be fooled by flyers that say “ lowest price always” as they don’t always have the lowest price all the time everywhere at any given moment. Such as Walmart through advertising on tv and online, you automatically think they have the lowest price on everything. Which they may have great pricing on everyday items, but it doesn’t mean that another store’s flyer won’t have Better deals on items that they carry.


I’ll give you a strange example. Swiffer Wetjet refills  in my walmart is everyday priced at $6.49 but at Shoppers drug mart their every day price is $5.99


Another example is Fantastic  - Many times you’ll find in flyers advertised price $3.49 or even $3.99  but at Wal-Mart ( for my location) it’s priced at $3.27 as an everyday price.


Are you Brand Loyal?

Ask yourself if you can try other brands – It may save you more money!


A perfect example for myself is Tide. I used Tide forever, and when I started my couponing journey, I realized other brands were a lot cheaper, and I then asked myself Why I loved Tide. I simply used it because that was the brand my mother used while growing up.  I then started trying other brands, and soon realized I loved Arm & Hammer, and I didn’t mind Purex laundry detergent, Heck I like them all . So now this opens myself to lots of savings opportunities since there’s lots of coupons available for so many different brands of laundry detergent.


But you may be Brand Loyal for other Reasons, and you should stick with what ultimately will keep you happy. You may only buy Tide, because it’s the only detergent that doesn’t cause someone in your household an allergic reaction or perhaps you’ve tried them all and that’s what you truly love. Then do stick with it, Just learn what a good price is for that product.


I once upon a time loved Fantastic for cleaning, but then got into the habit of using other spray bottles and switching things up. I wasn’t brand loyal at all, I think I got hung up on what new advertising was saying what is the best.  Then I had a b1g1 ( buy one get one) Free product coupon, and I have since switched back and realized it works the same as all the other new ones such as Mr. Clean & Lysol.

Quantity Counts when it comes to price matching

It’s handy to have a calculator with you when shopping, so you can decide what size of product to buy. Sometimes bigger is better, but not always when you use a coupon.


Example Cat food: Whiskas $2.00 off insert coupon

  • 2kg on sale for $5 .99 -$2.00 Coupon= $3.99 for a bag or $2.00 a kg
  • 9.1 kg on sale $27.99 -$2.00  Coupon= $25.99 for a bag or $2.85 per kg.

Don’t Panic over a sale!

Don’t worry about clearing shelves and trying to look like one of those ladies broadcasted on tv “Extreme couponing”, there will always be another sale.

Do Panic if it’s on clearance or unadvertised price for a lot less than a normal flyer sale.  Especially if you can get the product for free.  Do be worrisome about expiring food. You wouldn’t want to purchase  25 boxes of cereal that has an expiry date of this week.

Granted some food stays well till opened for longer periods of time after the expiry date, but I would hate to see you spend money on something that goes bad after a short period of time.

Sales Cycles

Sales on certain products happen every 3-4 months, but are generally found at different stores for a month.  So you may miss the deal  this weekend, just in order to find it again at a different store next week.

Get to know your local stores layout well:

I know my walmart store inside and out, I know where they have their bakery items on discount, I know where they have their cleaning products on extra discount, I also know where they keep their health and beauty products clearance items.

My walmart has their bakery discounts near the milk , their cleaning products are on an end aisle, and same with their health and beauty products.

Discounted food is near the checkout lane or sometimes they have it near it the freezer section.

My Shoppers drug mart has a $0.99 cart, and everything that’s in it is $1.00 this is generally food that is expiring anywhere from today’s date till the end of the month, they also have 3 other spots throughout the store, where I can find their clearance items.

If you can’t find them on your own, Do ask an employee, they should be more than happy to point a few locations out for you.

My Experiences

I’ve managed to save a lot money buy purchasing items ready to go bad. Just this past weekend I bought  (one) 326g of Maxwell House Coffee for $0.99 because it’s expiring this week.  Although I have 8 large tubs of coffee, I did purchase this one, and came home and began using it right away.

Once I was able to purchase 4 bags of Whiskas Cat food (2kg) on clearance for $0.99 each and I had a $2.00 coupon, so I got them for Free. What did I do with expiring pet food? I went to the Animal Shelter and donated all the bags.  With over 20 cats, I’m sure they easily went through 8kg of cat food in no time.  I would never have bought all 4 bags for myself, as I have an exotic breed of a cat, and would not take the risk of him getting sick.

Recently I did manage to pick up 1 Liter of Egg Nogg for 40 cents each as it was expiring  the next day. I actually only bought 2, and came home to research if it could be froze, and everything I read was Yes, it can be froze, So I went back later that day and picked up 6 more, so we can drink them closer to Christmas time.

Lots of times companies are changing their logo design, or perhaps the sizes of the bottles of items, and this is another way to get it on discount.

Last year I managed to pick up a bottle of Hawaiian Tropics suntan lotion for $1.00 with an expiry date of 2013.  I’m not sure why it was so cheap, But was Happy to purchase at that price:)