Why you should use coupons

Coupons Saves Money! and once you learn how to use them correctly they can save you hundreds and even perhaps a few thousands per year. Coupons seem to bring out the Saver in you - and you will always want a deal. You will learn to buy … [Continue reading]

Printable Coupons

Not all stores accept Printed coupons, but since 2011, many stores are now on board with them, and realize that this is the new reality of cost efficiency for companies to deliver coupons to their customers. Some of the Larger Printable Coupon … [Continue reading]

Newspaper Insert Coupons

Insert Coupons Currently in Canada: We have three  inserts that will arrive in City Newspapers across Canada: SmartSource and Redplum, and there is also a Special PG Brandsaver Insert  ( Published Every 3-4 months) .   They come in forms of … [Continue reading]

Magazine Coupons

The oldest method of finding coupons is in Newspapers, or in Magazines: These have been around for decades, and you may have simply not noticed them, but once you're aware when or where to look, you'll be able to spot them. There’s a few magazines … [Continue reading]

What to look for in a Coupon

What to look for in a Coupon A Coupon always has a picture, but sometimes the wording is different than the picture.  A lot  of companies will put their newest product on the coupon, and yet have the words  Buy any X brand and save $1.00 . This … [Continue reading]

What is a Coupon

What is a Coupon? A Coupon is a percentage off or specific amount off an item or purchase.  It is to be treated as cash. Whom can use a coupon? Anyone can use coupon. Do only poor people use coupons? No Lots of people that are not poor use … [Continue reading]

History of Coupons

Where Couponing Began: Couponing has been around since 1887, even though since the show Extreme Couponing that came out with the pilot on December 29th  2010, many people don't realize how long coupons have been available. The History of … [Continue reading]

Learn How to Coupon in Canada

  This Site is devoted to simply teach you how to coupon in Canada. Here's the Table of Contents for you to search through. 1. History of coupons 2. What is a coupon? 3. What to look for in a Coupon Finding Coupons In … [Continue reading]