Printable Coupons


Not all stores accept Printed coupons, but since 2011, many stores are now on board with them, and realize that this is the new reality of cost efficiency for companies to deliver coupons to their customers.

Some of the Larger Printable Coupon Websites are the following:

Healthy Solutions: You’ll find an assortment of Health Care products coupons such as top brands Tylenol, Benylin, and more

Smart Source:  Offers a Wide variety of coupons including Grocery, laundry, baby items, Health, and more.  Limited to 2 prints per computer.

Websaver – has a printable portal for some of their printable coupons

Shoppers Voice - Sign up and take their survey and you will receive free printable coupons during the year delivered to your email box.

Bayer – has a few health printable coupons that don’t expire till December 31,2013

Hydrasense – Join to get access to several Hydrasense as well as partners such as coppertone and Dr Scholls.  - There are a few coupons you can print from Clorox Company. Brands may include Greenworks, Glad, Tilex and more.

Store Only Printable Coupons – has exclusive to Target Only coupons

Metro Ontario - Updated Weekly Coupons to be printed to be used at Metro Stores in Ontario

Metro Quebec  - Updated Weekly coupons to be printed in stores in Quebec

Save On Foods - Register for an account and you will receive coupons via your email.

Safeway - Has new coupons released every week as well including bonus air miles

Shoppers Drug Mart – Register for an account with free optimum card and receive on Friday Personalized coupons based on your shopping habits at your local shoppers drug mart store.

There are many Company only printable coupons : Many other one’s can be found on facebook or through your favorite brands via emails.

Black & White Coupons

Most stores you are allowed to use black and white coupons, if you wanted to save on ink, but I have personally found that they may refuse the coupon if they think its a fraud.

If printing a printable coupon that isn’t from Smartsource, websaver, but from an individual company, or from a companies facebook page  and the coupon is large, make sure to give the cashier enough of the page so they can tell where you printed it from.

Regardless of Store Chain Coupons, some individual stores, have been known to deny printed coupon due to their personal experiences of having fraudulent coupons.