Product Coupons


Find Coupons on the Products you already purchase

Sometimes you can find coupons on products: Watch for Special promotions on the outside of box’s, but sometimes companies put in coupons inside products with nothing on the outside of the box.

Cereal Box’s are a very common item to find Special Freebies to order in with pin, or coupons on the inside of the box.

Other common things are Hamburger Helper and Old El Paso whom run special promos throughout the year for things like Free Coca Cola or $4.00 off Ground Beef.

The Down Side of Product Coupons

The downfall to products with Specially Marked Boxed coupons, is sometimes, the coupon expires before all the Product with the specially marked boxes are off the shelves.

I get several emails per day about customers complaining that they bought the product after the coupon has expired.  It’s no one’s fault really.  The company orders special marketing on the products, and they do honestly think they’ll sell out before the promotion is over, but sometimes the stores order more product right before the promotion ends, and ends up with tons of the shelves.  The stores themselves have no clue ( Like you) that the promotion has ended, unless the coupons themselves are on the back of the box, and not printed on the inside.