Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum Points Program


A Great Store to double dip in is Shoppers Drug Mart. Shoppers Drug mart store locations are very plentiful and can be found across Canada.

Become an Optimum Points Member

Shoppers Drug mart gives you “Optimum Points” for every dollar you spend, and you can redeem your points for Free Merchandise.

Becoming an Optimum Points Member is Free

Shoppers Drug Mart can be more expensive, when items are not on sale at a great price

The Points

Current points set up is 1 point for every $1.00 spent ( before any tax’s)

Which may not seem impressive on its own, as  you need a minimum of 8000 points to get $10.00 worth of products for Free.  but you only need 95.000 points to redeem for $170.00 if on a redeeming on a regular day.

The points do add up on their own. I always purchase my Milk, eggs, butter there on a weekly basis, but in my town this is the best pricing ( everyday)

I also find they have the best clearance deals in my hometown, and points seem to add up with the savings I do get.

I shop only the best deals I find, or what is discounted.

Shop the 20x points whenever you can

They have special 20x your points events, where the points really multiply.  Usually there is a catch : You will need to spend $50 or $75 in order to get the extra points, Or it may be only on certain items such as beauty/cosmetics.

Every flyer they also have Extra bonus points on certain products such as 10x , or a special on optimum points such as Buy 2 Tylenol Products and get 1000 bonus points.   So you’ll need to pay attention to details in the flyer.

Points on Prescriptions

You will also get points for having them fill your prescriptions. Many of us have health plans to cover the costs of the medications, but they will give you full points on the gross amount, and not what you pay out of pocket with a health plan.  Points can add up here as well for some people.

Printable Shoppers Coupons

Printable Coupons for extra points:  Every Friday Shoppers will email you custom coupons based on your shopping  habits – some will be a dollar coupon on certain items, and some will be 20x your points on a certain item. Sometimes Shoppers Drug mart has special printable coupons to print for extra points. Especially if you have a Baby in the house, you can save using VIB optimum point coupons.  It’s free to join the VIB Program as well to be notified off all the special printable coupons for extra points.

Tips for Shoppers Drug Mart with coupons or without:

Yes you can use coupons at shoppers Drug Mart for additional savings.

Go Prepared:  

Look at your flyer and look at what’s on sale. Shoppers drug mart usually has a two day special every week with 6 or more items that go on sale for a below normal discount : Most of the time it’s been Sunday/Monday, but sometimes they do have it Saturday/Sunday only.

Pre Plan 

Pre Plan your shopping for 20x your points events:  You may need to do some tweaking here. It’s hard to walk in and spend a set amount of money, and not be prepared, because you don’t want to buy items that are not a good price to purchase. Don’t forget to Coupon/Flyer Matchup as well.

Buy Multiples of Good Deals 

Buy Multiples of good deals. For myself on these days I’ll buy 3 (4L) of Milk, and buy 4 things of butter, and 2 dozen eggs, if this will help me get over my limit. ( Remember for me  - these are the cheapest everyday items in my town)  And I shop the flyers. Sometimes Shoppers has great deals on cookies at $1.99 per box, this is when I’ll buy more than I normally would, if this means It’ll get me to $50.00 .

Tips for maximum points with savings

  • Coupon Flyer Matchup Deals for store with any bonus points attached.
  • Watch their clearance section for bonus points on items
  • Purchase Shoppers Drug Mart Gift Cards for extra points and then use the card on your next shopping trip.
  • Print Bonus points on items you will buy
  • Take advantage of 20x points events
  • If you’re into high end makeup: wait for 20x points event or special Points days to do this.

This late Spring I convinced one of my friends to start shopping with me, and I turned her onto Shoppers Drug Mart loyalty program, It’s only her and her husband that she shops for but as of right now after 8 months, she has just over 95,000 points

Redeem Points on Special Redemptions

Shoppers Drug Mart has certain Redemption Days where your redemption is higher on some levels of their pyramid of points worth:

Many times it is 95000 points is worth $200.00 ( an extra $30 value)

There is usually 2 Super Redemptions Weekends. One In June and the other at the beginning of December.Where this is the Grand Redemption . for 2012 It’s Redeem 95,000 points and your redemption is $220.00 vs the $170 (regular) that’s an $50.00 extra dollars worth of free goods.

  • Yes you can use Coupons in conjunc with with Redemption days or any redemption
  • You can stretch your savings with coupons.
  • Coupons are subtracted at subtotal, and then followed by your redemption.


  • Purchase $70.00
  • Coupons $5.00
  • Subtotal $65.00Redeem 38,000 points for $60.00

Equals 5.00 Plus applicable taxes

Are there limits on points? 

Yes please Read Terms and Conditions

My Experience with Shoppers Drug Mart

I’ve personally have redeemed $400.00 worth of points in the last 11 months, and plan on redeeming another $750.00 in the next month ( Mega Redemption) Grand Total of $1150.00 worth of free products.

That’s almost $100 per month spread out during the year.