Store Specific Coupons



Store Specific coupons can be found in store flyers, ( sometimes online ) Or You can find them at the front of the store such as Real Canadian Superstore and other Loblaw stores.

Store Coupons found online: You may need to join mailing lists in order to get notifications of them having new coupons

  • Metro Ontario
  • Metro Quebec
  • Shoppers Drug Mart
  • Save On Foods
  • Safeway
  • Target

Any of the one’s found at Loblaws stores, can generally be used at any Loblaw store. So if you pick them up at Real Canadian Store, you can then use them at No Frills. See back of coupon for confirmation.


Walmart Canada ( for sure)perhaps other stores – (depending on their store coupon policies )  may accept competitors coupons: But it must have a value . You can not use $1.00 off and no price. It must state the price after coupon.  Also it must be within  the date of competitor coupon. The Above Photo would be accepted. Because it has a Final Price & Date on it.


Here’s an Example of what is not acceptable in a coupon if you were going to try and use a store based coupon at another chain of store that takes competitor coupons


Photo Credit : Jessica Josefix

Why is not accepted?

There is no final price attached to this coupon. It’s just a save $2.00. If it had Buy Dole for $2.99 then it would be acceptable. but since it’s just a save $x.00 amount coupon, No other store will take this coupon, except for the stores that are listed on the back of the coupon.