Tear Pad Coupons Where to Find them



Tearpad Coupons can be found at your local grocery stores.

Due to coupon abuse, tearpads are becoming harder to find.  Many people are taking more tearpads then they should be.

An average coupon tearpad is 50 coupons, some coupon displays can hold up to 200 coupons. With people taking 10 more tearpads a person, it doesn’t take long for these tearpads to disappear. Especially if you live in an area with many extreme couponers.

Smartsource coupons ( They also do tear pads through New Marketing)  Now has a special holders making it harder for you to take several at a time.  So perhaps others will get on board with these handy little holders to make it harder for people to rip off 10 -50 coupons at one time.

What do they do to abuse it?

Taking more than they can personally use, for the use of trades /selling on ebay.

How many should 1 individual take?

It varies: I suggest to not to take more than 1 per person in your household. So if you’re a family of four, then only take 4. If you’re a family of two, then only take 2.

Stores that Carry Coupons

Canadian Tire,Co Op,IGA ,Loblaws,Metro,No Frills,Real Canadian Superstore, Safeway,Save On Foods,Shoppers Drug Mart, Wal-Mart Some areas – I’ve heard rumors that they are now requesting that No tearpads be placed on their shelves, due to them believing they have the best price without a coupon.

Other Ways to Obtain Tearpad Coupons:

Ebay: I know many of you hate resellers of ebay – for tearpad thefts, but there is legitimate sellers out there that don’t “Steal” tearpads from stores.

Many Ebay sellers for tearpads – are usually Reps that work for companies such as Newsmarketing( Smartsource) for example.  This is what happens.

1. They get a box of coupons – Say example 400 – Tresemme coupons for $1.00 off – expiry date of December 31 of this year  They are required to put coupons at the store. But the store holder only allows you to put 100 at one time.

2. They only get paid 2x a month to put coupons out.  So in 2 weeks time from Initial install of coupons/banners they return to the store and replenish the coupon stock in the store with another 100 coupons.  They do not get paid to replenish weekly or any other time slot.

3. In another two weeks – They install again – or take down according to their Companies instructions. Included in their instructions is to box up all leftover coupons and send back to head office.

4. Some Reps are keeping an additional 50 – 100 coupons back and sending very little back to head office – where the coupons are destroyed – and selling them on ebay .

My conclusion is I have no issues from purchasing from Ebay buyers particularly from the Reps – As I know it’s not tearpad theft – Most  theft is from online ordering of coupons from several addresses to websaver and sav.ca in particular any Free Product coupons – and Peelies.

How can you tell if you’re purchasing from a Coupon Rep?

Simple look at how many items they have for sale. They will have tons of listings and previous listing.  They always sell in groups of 10 coupons.  You’ll never know 100% that you’re purchasing from a Rep that works for distributing coupons, but you have an over  80% chance of purchasing from one based on the description I just gave you.

How Do I know this?

I actually worked for News Marketing-  Smartsource  - for 6 months, and I learned a lot. I never had the time to sell coupons, but sent back  thousands of dollars worth of coupons back to the head office to be destroyed.  I got to know a lot of the coupons, and did some searches on ebay and seen the same sellers selling a lot of the coupons I either had to be sent out or that I just sent back to be destroyed.